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Gracias a Saurio por el dato en ALFA-L, para ponerles en autos copio su envío:

El capítulo de CSI de esta semana es un homenaje-parodia a Star Trek (llamada Astro Quest aquí) y a las series de CF en general (hay cameos de gente de la nueva Battlestar Galactica, Stargate y Baylon 5). Lo repiten el lunes a las 0 horas (o el domingo a las 12 de la noche, como gusteis)* en AXN y les recomiendo que la vean porque, aparte de que es un episodio muy divertido, hay muchos, muchos chistes y guiños trekkies.

CSI: Astro Quest Parody and Homage
Last night’s episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation titled “A Space Oddity,” provided another example of why it is one of the best programs on television, and why CSI is the best of the three programs in the CSI franchise. Unlike CSI: Miami and CSI: New York, CSI incorporates a spectrum of approaches to crime drama, which often includes human and the willingness to engage aspects of popular culture. Last night’s episode included all of these elements as the crime took place within the context of an Astro Quest fan convention, a parody of the classic Star Trek television series and its many conventions.

'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation'
"A Space Oddity"
Now, THIS should have been the 200th episode! Last week, 'CSI' attended a sci-fi/comic book convention in Las Vegas, the Whatifitcon, and of course, somebody was killed. Jonathan Danson was the driving force behind 'AQR', otherwise known as 'Astro-Quest Redux'. 'AQR' was going to be a major "re-imagining" of the original 'Astro-Quest' series, to be grittier, more political, and it would abandon all the trappings that fans held dear about the original version of the show.

CSI Home Page - Season 9: Episode 20: A Space Oddity

The Lab rats solve a murder that takes place at a Science Fiction convention. A very well known cult sci-fi show is spoofed by a wannabe filmmaker (a fan of the show), but the die-hard fans hate ... More...

Y esta entrada, con video de la CBS en versión original incluido:

Forget The Murder Mystery, Who Ruined Astro Quest?
The fans who are horrified at the "dark, gritty" reimagining of the cheesy old show Astro Quest include Battlestar Galactica's Grace Park... and BSG reinventor Ronald D. Moore, in this clip from last night's CSI.

Last night's science-fiction-themed CSI started off feeling more like Galaxy Quest, spoofing the ridiculous trappings of 1960s Star Trek. We even got the line "He's dead, Jim," when actor Jonathan Danson got murdered. But then the episode, scripted by BSG/Deep Space Nine veterans Bradley Thompson and David Weddle, took a swerve towards satirizing their own penchant for dark reinventions. And of course, when we met Kate Vernon (Ellen Tigh) as a catty media studies professor who loves to quote Derrida, the solution to the mystery started to seem obvious.

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