10 DC Comics Characters Deserving a Mass Makeover | Underwire | Wired.com

"Holy crowdsourcing, Bizarro! DC Comics’ superheroes will be reinvented in an online collaboration effort that lets animators compete for a spot in the upcoming DC Universe Online game."

The DC Universe Online Animation Contest launches Dec. 7, giving fanboys, gamers and Autodesk Maya users a crack at bringing legends like Superman and Batman to life for DC Universe Online’s CGI trailer and in-game animations.
The Facebook- and iPhone-powered contest is being run by DC Universe Online developer Sony Online Entertainment and Mass Animation, a collaborative animation outfit whose first big project, a short film called “Live Music,” lands in theaters Friday with Planet 51.
Mass Animation’s Facebook app provides tools and will let participants upload their creations for voting. Winners will be featured in the massively multiplayer online superhero game, due out in 2010.
So, which characters from the DC Universe are ripe for re-rendering? Factor out well-known Justice Leaguers and there are still plenty of DC characters deserving of a crowdsourced makeover. Wired.com’s list of nominees is below. Add your own in the comments section below.
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