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CAPE CANAVERAL, FL - APRIL 20:  Space Shuttle Discovery is towed from the shuttle landing facility to the orbiter processing facility at Kennedy Space Center on April 20, 2010 in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Discovery's landing attempts at KSC were scrubbed yesterday due to unacceptable weather conditions. Discovery is returning from a successful mission to the International Space Station. (Photo by Matt Stroshane/Getty Images)

JeriLRyan Vote here: http://bit.ly/9s0sad & retweet please!

@TAD60 let's go for it. LLAP

Keep Voting! ST Theme is now in the lead! Vote For Star Trek Theme To Be Final Shuttle Wakeup Music -http://b2l.me/aj9sxd

by Anthony Pascale ,
NASA is holding an online poll for what will be some of the final wakeup songs for the Space Shuttle program, and the original Star Trek theme is currently in second place. More info (including how you can vote) below. Plus we have a full history of NASA’s Star Trek wakeup songs (including audio clips).

VOTE: More info on the contest is at: songcontest.nasa.gov. And a direct link to vote for Star Trek is at songcontest.nasa.gov/top40
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