Star Trek Star Trek's 44th Birthday - A Look Back (Feliz Cumpleaños, "Viaje a la Estrellas") TOS

¡Feliz 44 Cumpleaños, "Viaje a las Estrellas"! LLAP

Star Trek – no hyperbole here -- has changed the world, but no one could have seen it coming on September 8, 1966, when The Original Series kicked off with the episode “The Man Trap.” So much of what is commonplace today was introduced, glimpsed, inspired and/or at least hinted at by Star Trek; and yes, before you say it, we know that sci-fi existed before Star Trek.

In honor of Star Trek's 44th Birthday, StarTrek.com looks back at how Star Trek has influenced the world we live...http://fb.me/urKRq1ku

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