Perspective on Vimeo - Corto Cyberpunk

Perspective from m. can kocak on Vimeo.

Perspective on Vimeo


attention: NSFW scenes.


..:: a tribute to the Cyberpunk genre. ::..


Director: Mehmet Can Koçak
Music: Nazım Çınar
VFX: Mustafa Koç

Ilhan Şen
Mehmet Can Koçak
Nazım Çınar


"Have you ever been afraid of your own, mirror image?"


The movie is set in a dystopian future where people can "live" virtual simulations in a virtual reality. People use this entertainment tech to escape for a little from the hard life.

The man, uses this technology of course for the obvious. Like he did with the internet.

But something goes wrong.

"The real merges with virtual."

And now, you, how you are you anymore?

This is now your Simulation!

Your Perspective!...

Dato sobre este cortometraje recibido vía "La Cueva del Lobo"
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