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The premise behind “Ruin”, a short animated film about a  post-apocalyptic future, is classic sci-fi. There’s the rich scenery comprised of a sprawling urbanscape of fragmented, decaying towers and large bands of infrastructure overtaken by foliage; the quintessential rogue protagonist set adrift among the chasms of abandoned skyscrapers, struggling to survive and make sense of their place in a bleak world; a high-wire chase scene involving a large aircraft of anonymous origin with plenty of firepower and an array of semi-autonomous detonants it deploys in pursuit of the sword-wielding, motorcycle-riding protagonist with a blatant disregard for physics; and, of course, a terse orchestral score that cues narrative surprises or roadblocks and augments the visual momentum. In other words, it’s an action thriller, much in the vein of Spielberg–all chase, slight on sociopolitical insight or commentary–just tidily packed into 8.5 minutes.
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